Visit to Houston Zoo/Popcorn & Pizza Playdate

Yesterday, the men and I joined Jill from BigKidSmallCity and her adorable kiddos at Houston Zoo. Tony enjoys the zoo just as much (if not more) than RaShad so waking up early was not an issue. We did get a little lost though, as I always do when going downtown, but we had the best time! We’ve only been to the zoo once last summer, but this time we discovered the children’s zoo. RaShad was so excited to see all of the animals, and he even got up close and personal with a few! This was such a nice family outing. Thanks, Jill! I am definitely considering a membership now. Jayden Baby enjoyed the weather and slept most of the visit, RaShad cried when we had to leave, and Tony said he “could spend all day at the zoo.”

Afterwards, we went home and I prepared for RaShad’s Popcorn & Pizza Pajama playdate. I was in such a rush with picking up last-minute items, cleaning, preparing the food, and setting up the concession stand that I forgot to take pictures (even forgot the move too)!

As the kids arrived, they were greeted with a goody bag containing their admission and food tickets as well as a yellow or orange glow stick. I ordered pizza from Sam’s Club and popped two different types of popcorn. The concession stand also consisted of cookies, chocolate galore!, marshmallow sticks, chips, juice and water. Everything was orange and yellow to go with the movie theme. We snuggled on the floor with our pillows and blankets and watched the Lorax (as much of it as the kiddos would allow). Then, we headed outside to the playground to burn off some energy before bedtime. The kids had a blast! What a wonderful way to end the weekend 🙂

One thought on “Visit to Houston Zoo/Popcorn & Pizza Playdate

  1. Jill says:

    Thanks for meeting us at the zoo! We had a lot of fun!

    Your Popcorn & Pizza Pajama playdate is a great idea.

    You had a giant day… and you have a teeny little baby boy… you are amazing!

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