A Better Me

Mommy: a better version of the old me

Today I get to celebrate the job I love the most–being a mom. There is nothing that makes me happier than spending time with my kids and seeing them smile. Being a mom is the greatest, most rewarding job on the planet, and I enjoy every second of it. The sleepless nights and dirty diapers are all worth it. I get to teach two little ones about life and how to be good people. I get to watch them grow and discover the world. How lucky am I? And even though they aren’t old enough to understand love, I know they love me unconditionally. I can put RaShad in time-out one minute and the next, he’s giving me a hug and apologizing. In his eyes, I can do no wrong (at least for now). They make me a better person because I know everything I do affects them. RaShad and Jayden are my everything, the reason I get out of bed in the morning, my motivation. I’d give up dinner at a four star restaurant for a night at Chuck E Cheese any day. That’s what being a parent has taught me: selflessness. My kids are my number one, and I would go to the moon and back for them. I am so much stronger and wiser because of them. I have learned patience, empathy, organization, maturity, time management…the list goes on and on. I am eternally grateful for my angels, and they will always remain my top priority. I thought I knew love before, but no, THIS is love…love on an entirely different level.

RaShad & Jayden--my strength, my weakness, my world.

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