300 Houston: Kids Fest

Sunday afternoon, the men and I went to my favorite bowling alley, 300 Houston, for Kids Fest. Kids age 12 and under received one free game and shoe rental. I thought this would be good for RaShad. He has never been bowling before, and of course he enjoyed it. Tony won (go figure!). Because I am a sport and don’t take games too seriously, I let RaShad take two of my turns. He had a blast so I had a blast! Jayden Baby was a delight–not a single cry or whimper! Although it was quite expensive (around $40 for us to bowl + food), we may go back, especially with the summer savings they are having. We signed RaShad up for free bowling for the entire summer! From May until August, he can go to 300 for two free games per day! How cool is that?! That also have a summer pass for the adults. It is $60 and includes bowling all summer for up to 4 adults. We didn’t purchase the summer pass, but who knows…it may be something to consider.

How cute does Shad look in his little bowling shoes? :)