My $85 Haircut

Wednesday, I went to Versatile Salon to inquire about prices for a cut. The stylist said I needed to get it washed and straightened before she could make a determination. She also advised I get it done immediately as she wouldn’t have a client for another hour. I agreed. After getting it washed & treated, I sat under the dryer (which I hate) for about 30 minutes. My hair was still soaking wet so she decided to blow dry it (which I hate even more). I have natural, thick hair so she definitely got her arm workout with me lol. Next step was to flat iron it. Then, I got a silk wrap. My hair had never been that straight. She made it look relaxer straight! I was thoroughly impressed.

Lastly came the cut!! Before she started, I emphasized that I did not want it cut super short. We agreed on the length. However, after the cut, my hair was shorter than expected!! I had a mini heart attack. Yes, it’s just hair. Yes, it’ll grow back…but it was MY long, gorgeous hair that I loved. I went from mid back to barely shoulder length in a matter of seconds…and that ish ain’t growing back overnight. *sighs* No more signature hair flip.

I definitely won’t be going back there. Lesson learned.