Not Yo Grandma’s Bingo

When I think BINGO, I envision little old ladies at a nursing home playing a quiet game while sipping prune juice. Bingo @Lodge 88 is NOT that! It is loud, crowded, and full of booze! If you a looking for a fun, unique way to spend a Thursday afternoon, BYOB Bingo is the place to go! The look on my face when I saw dozens upon dozens of people show up with alcohol for bingo was priceless. The last game of the night had a prize pot of $500. I was sooo close to winning that I started to spend the money in my head. Needless to say, I didn’t win (boooo!) It was still a good experience. Next time I will be better prepared and hopefully win some cash!

Thing to note:

– This place gets very crowded very fast. Come early. The first game starts at 7PM. I would say be there at 5 (earlier if possible).

– Bring food. Yes, they sell food, but why fight through the crowds?

– Bring cash. Expect to pay around $15-20. Even if you don’t win any money, it’s worth it–not sure if they have ATMs.

– If you are going with a group, arrive together. Sometimes they will let you save seats, sometimes not.