Pizza & Pastries 

I enrolled RaShad in the Pizza & Pastry kids cooking class at Phoenicia. He has a blast! This was our first time at Phoenicia Foods, and we will definitely go back. The scenery is beautiful, the food is amazing, and the customer service is top notch. We had trouble finding parking due to the charity walk going on, but we found a spot a few blocks away and made the short walk. The chef and his assistants were very patient and inviting.  

While RaShad attended the class, Jayden and I watched through the glass for a bit then headed downstairs for lunch. I packed juice+snacks, and we ordered a pizza from the cafe. It was amazing! (I didn’t know part of the class was to have pizza downstairs so we missed out on eating with RaShad). Jayden and I had almost two hours alone. If it wasn’t raining, we would have walked to Discovery Green to play for a bit.  

 I am one of the few people in the world who don’t like bread, BUT the bread RaShad made was a life changer–seriously!! It was soooo good!   (I bought similar bread from Randall’s afterwards and it was disgusting!) I’d go back just for the bread. Phoenicia is such a nice place to go for lunch if downtown. I can’t wait until they have more classes. Check out their events calendar here.