Bento for my Boys 9.14.15

I was planning on packing pb&j + strawberry kabobs, BUT I realized I have quite a bit of leftovers to get rid of so that’s tomorrow’s lunch–leftovers and things I need to get rid of before they go bad lol. I had three Hawaiian rolls leftover along with 6 slices of ham (perfect!!) I also have a surplus of strawberries that won’t last much longer. I got the mini Nutella dippers for free a while back with a coupon. Oh, and the chex mix….yeah, I went crazy when it was on sale at Kroger and bought about 12 bags :/  Popcorn was leftover from today’s afternoon snack. The sour watermelon was last Friday’s free item of the week at Kroger :))

RaShad’s lunch: Ham+Swiss cheese on Hawaiian rolls, chex mix, popcorn, sour shark, strawberries w/ Nutella dip.

Jayden’s lunch: Ham+Swiss cheese on a Hawaiian roll, chex mix, popcorn, sour shark, grapes, yogurt

They’ll both get water to drink.