Why Caillou is Banned in my House

I firmly believe in limiting all electronic devices. My kids have a maximum of 1 hour per day. They can split this between their iPad or television. Homework on the computer doesn’t count, and there is absolutely no electronics after 6PM. 
This evening, the kids chose to watch Caillou (we don’t have cable btw–just Hulu). After about 15 minutes of Caillou, I turned it off. I had had enough! I don’t think Caillou is appropriate for my children. What I observed is a badly behaved, whiny, spoiled kid. That’s not the behavior I want to encourage by allowing my kids to watch it. 

In this particular episode, Caillou’s mother was trying to put his little sister, Rosie to sleep and asked Caillou, who was banging on a drum, to keep quiet. She asked him three different times 😱. He spotted a photo of a cookie then decides he is hungry and wants cookies. Caillou goes into the kitchen and climbs in a chair and knocks a few shelves of items on the floor to create a huge mess. Next, he sits on the floor amongst the mess to “make cookies. ” When Caillou’s mother comes into the kitchen and sees the mess, she did not punish him. Instead, they cleaned it up. Where’s the talk? At what point do you communicate to your child that what he did was wrong? Ugh! That is very annoying. The worst part is after they finished cleaning, they made cookies!! Really?? So let’s recap the lesson: disobey your parents and you will get your way. I don’t want Caillou to negatively affect my son’s logic. In fact, when Caillou stood on top of the chair, RaShad screamed, “No, no! Wait for mommy.” I’m glad he knows better. Caillou is banned. We will stick with Team Umizoomi.