Bento for my Boys 10.6.15

 RaShad’s lunch: sunbutter+honey sandwich, Smuckers fruit pouch, snack mix (goldfish, marshmallows, and a couple lifesavers), fruit cup (strawberries, melon, kiwi), Horizon organic milk
I HATE this Sistema lunch cube btw. It’s a neat concept, but it was not executed well. Basically whatever is in the larger portion gets flipped upside down. Sucks. RaShad didn’t come home with a lid for his Rubermaid kit so I decided to use this lunch box instead, but this is definitely my least favorite.

On another note, Sunday I went shopping for groceries for the next month. It was a long day of meal planning and shopping, but I got it all done and only managed to spend $92. I win at life 😂

My meals are mainly composed of NEW recipes from my Pinterest board. Yes, I spend hours posting items then never look at them again :/ For dinner last night, RaShad and I made this amazingly delicious cheesy BBQ casserole….although the he eventually opted for a pre-made sandwich. He’s such a picky eater, and I give both kids the option of a sandwich when they are not pleased with dinner. The only requirement is they at least taste it. Jayden and I LOVED it. We had it again for dinner tonight (and lunch!). For my family, this would last quite some time as I cut into 8 portions & Jayden will only eat 1/2 of a normal portion.

When reheating a serving for tonight’s dinner, I added about a half tablespoon of BBQ sauce (sweet honey). Yum-my!!