While Mommy is Away…

To help the boys stay busy and not think about me being away for almost 2 weeks, I put together daily gifts for them to open. With the exception of the McDonald’s gift card, everything cost less than $15. I got all of the items from the Dollar store (except the Hershey’s kisses..they were the free item of the week from Kroger). It was such a small gesture, but the boys LOVED it, and it only took a few minutes to put together. On each day after school, they got to open an envelope containing a small gift along with a note attached. They looked forward to it, and it was an incentive for good behavior.



*Unfortunately, I don’t remember exactly what I wrote on the notes but it was along the lines of the following.

Monday – Note: “Mommy flew away in an airplane today. I will be back in 11 days, but I’ve left a special surprise for you each day.”

Item: glow in the dark airplanes


Tuesday – Note: “Are you guys as excited about Christmas as I am? Let’s see what Christmas items you can create.”

Item: playdoh & Christmas themed cutters


Wednesday – Note: “Here are two fun puzzles featuring your favorite characters. Put them together and send me a picture.”

Item: 2 puzzles – paw patrol (Jayden Baby) & Disney Cars (Shad Bod)

Thursday – Note: “Are you minions taking care of each other? Here’s something to help.”

Item: Minions bandages

Friday – Note: “Tonight is movie night! I hope you enjoy your pizza and snacks. Here is an extra special treat.”

Item: snack for movie night (milk duds)

Saturday – Note: “Have you been good this week? You deserve a reward. Go to Dollar Tree and pick our two new toys.”

Item: wallet & money ($3)

Sunday – “How about another reward? Get lunch & have some fun at the play place!”

Item: $25 McDonald’s gift card

Monday – Note: “Do you know what I miss most? Your hugs and kisses! I hope you are saving them for me.”

Item: Hershey’s kisses 

Tuesday – “Paw Patrol to the rescue!” Will my pups make me a card?”

Item: paw patrol stickers to use with construction paper

Wednesday – Note: “There are only 2 more days until I get home. Have a party to celebrate.”

Item: balloons

Thursday – Note: “Mommy will be home tomorrow, and I can’t wait to hear about all the fun things you’ve done. Will you make me a list or draw a picture?”

Item: Disney journal

Friday – Note: “I am coming home today! I have missed you boys so much. Will you be my dinner dates tonight? Please say ‘yes.'”

Item: ring pops

I even got to help RaShad with his homework!


I also made their lunches for school and freezer meals for dinner. Amazon Prime Now is AMAZING! I didn’t have enough EasyLunchBoxes so I placed a quick order using the Amazon Prime Now app, and a new set was delivered within about an hour and half! For everything else, I placed it Ziploc bags to be frozen and thawed when needed…and I added a few more freezer meals to the collection, just in case 🙂