Disney Trip Update

I was able to snag “Free” dining for our upcoming Disney World vacation! I literally pulled an all-nighter to be among the first to catch this deal. It was intense! Guess who hung in there with me? My sweet Jayden Baby. We even ordered pizza at around 11PM.

Disney released the free dining promotion at 3AM CST, and the package offerings were extremely limited. I actually have changed my resort/package 12x, and yes, you have to pay a $200 deposit each time. It’s refundable, of course, but you can only imagine what my statement looked like with me changing multiple times daily.

Our trip total is just over $2,000 for 8 days! This includes a moderate room on-site, park hopper tickets, 1 quick service meal, 1 counter table meal, and one snack per day. Because we saved so much by getting free dining, we also opted to fly instead of drive. Renting an SUV for 10 days would have been $360 (not including gas). The flight was $1,000 but it saves time because instead of 16+ hours, we will arrive in just 2.5 hours. We also won’t be exhausted beyond belief by the time we arrive. We are flying with Southwest so we will also get a total of 8 checked bags for FREE. “If it’s free, it’s for me. If I gotta pay, no way!”

I actually think I may be more excited about the trip than the kids. Whenever RaShad is bored, he asks, “Can I watch Disney World stuff?” My face lights up! Music to my ears lol. I’ve also purchased him a few Disney World books as well as our continued Disney movie nights every Friday. By the time September rolls around, he is going to be extremely knowledgeable about Disney and the characters.

Another way I plan to save money is by giving the kids Tinkerbell gifts (also will help with behavior). Whenever I see something Disney themed, specifically with Mickey Mouse, I purchase it. I’ve found amazing deals from Party City, Target (dollar spot), and Dollar Tree. I’m hoping the kids will get these gifts and not feel the need to buy so many souvenirs. I do have a few gift cards left over so they will each get $50 to spend on whatever they want.

Only 120 days until Disney

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