Adventure Kids Playcare Memorial – Grand Opening

akp go

I took the kiddos to Adventure Kids Playcare‘s Grand Opening today. I have heard of Adventure Kids; however, this was our first visit, and this location is the closest to our place. Upon arriving, I was given a very detailed and informative tour of the facility. I appreciate the time the employees took in showing me around and answering all of my questions.

Socks are not required, but shoes are not allowed. Parents can choose to enter barefoot, with socks only, OR they provide shoe covers.

For the grand opening, play time was free. I think normally it is $11/per hours (and $40 per family membership fee). It is designed as a drop off childcare service, but parents can stick around and relax in the parent’s lounge, which has wifi and a television. They offer the kids breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an additional $4. Parents select food choices from a menu or they are welcomed to send the kids with meals from home (no peanuts allowed).

There were plenty of employees around to supervise the kids, but I am not certain I would feel comfortable leaving my kids there. It was overly crowded to the point where I could barely navigate through the building. I couldn’t find my oldest son for about 15-20 minutes, and that put me in an extreme panic mode. The employees were very helpful, especially Tyriek, and we were able to find him hiding in the toddler room. I am not sure if because it was the grand opening and the food and activities were free, and that’s why it was so crowded? I’ll have to visit at another time and access. I’d imagine they have a maximum capacity.

The facility has a parent’s lounge, a birthday/events room, a separate area for toddlers, an area for babies, a pretend-play section, soft playscape, basketball game, air hockey, and a ping-pong table. They also have a kitchen where they prepare the meals and snacks.

akp playscape
I found the staff to be quite pleasant. The grand opening was wonderful. We arrived right at 1pm when the event started and stayed for a few hours. There were two face-painters, balloon animals, characters from Black Panther, an animal exhibit (although we didn’t stay long as the room got too hot and crowded, but my son got to hold a snake around his neck and also hold a tortoise), and lots of food (chicken, fish, pizza, hotdogs, burgers, salad, cookies, cotton candy, and MUCH more).

My kids really enjoyed themselves so I may add it to our “things to do around Houston” list. I could see myself having to finish up on work and taking them while I sit in the parent’s lounge with my laptop.