RaShad’s 5th Birthday

Because RaShad was born only a few days after Christmas, we try to separate both celebrations and to not allow Christmas to overshadow his special day. This year, wanted to have a day “All About RaShad.” He loves balloons so it was a no-brainer to fill his room up with balloons! Oh yes we did! It took forever to blow these up, but it was worth it once we saw his reaction (we had to pop all of these that night however). We then celebrated with cake & sweets. I always like to get his something educational, which I am grateful he doesn’t have a problem with now so I got him a Leap Reader and all of the appropriate books I could find.  One of his favorite places to visit is Chuck E. Cheese so we had to take him. He had a blast running around and playing while his brother watched. We ended this very long day at the park where Shad and his dad drove his remote-controlled cars (Christmas present). What a perfect day!


Halloween 2013

Halloween is one of the only times I will let my little one have candy. We took the kids trick or treating in the Briargrove area of Houston. They had a blast! Of course, Shad Bod loves anything involving sweets :). He was Spiderman while Jayden Baby was a pumpkin. Afterwards, we finished the night with our very own Halloween Party (with a dipping donut FAIL). Fun times! Now, I have to hide all of this candy.


Hurricanes & Hand Grenades

This year I spent my birthday in New Orleans exploring Bourbon Street. The trip definitely makes my list of all time favorite birthday celebrations and proved that I’m not a “one hitter quitter” (inside joke!).

I got to eat at Copeland’s, my former favorite restaurant until it was shut down in Mississippi. That was the best food I had during the entire trip. Of course being a burger guru, I had to visit Port of Call and boy did it disappoint! Maybe they were having an off night. I tried the Huma Huma as well (couldn’t finish it :/). Another must visit on my list was the famous Pat O’Brien’s. I LOVE that bar, especially the free drinks (couldn’t finish a hurricane :/).

My top Bourbon Street club, although small, is Razzo’s. It was small and shoulder to shoulder packed, but the most fun out of anywhere else we visited. Best of all, there was no one smoking inside. Yesss!! It was mood killer to barely be able to breathe with every stop. Why on earth is it ok to smoke inside of a closed space??

Bourbon Street was wildddd. I havr never seen so many nearly naked drunk people doing the craziest things in my life! However, I must say this was much better than my first visit & I’ll be back (in my Schwarzenegger voice)!