Putt-Putt FunHouse

Yesterday, we took a trip to Putt-Putt Fun House in Webster, TX. This was our first time visiting, and I don’t actually remember how I discovered it. I think I was maybe just browsing the web, looking for new things to add to our family outing rotation list. I am so happy I discover Putt-Putt!

Because it was Friday night, we were able to take advantage of the Funhouse Friday promotion of $16.95 for unlimited attractions. This promotion is every Friday from 7pm-10pm, but you can pay an extra $5, like we did, to start the fun at 6pm instead. It is worth every penny! The unlimited attractions are:

  • Miniature golf
  • Laser Tag
  • Bumper Cars
  • Bumper Boats
  • Rock Climbing
  • Time Freak
  • Laser Frenzy
  • 3D Motion Theater
  • Ballocity
  • and a slew of arcade games

We did not play any arcade games because we were too busy enjoying everything else. We did every single attraction multiple times with the exception of laser tag. The boys ranked Time Freak and Minature golf as their favorites, while I personally enjoyed Bumper Boats the most, even though I got completely soaked!

What I enjoyed most about this venue is the unlimited option. You pay one price and get to have fun until closing. There were also NO lines for any of the rides. I was shocked this place wasn’t crowded with hundreds of kids running around. It’s a small entertainment center that was almost empty. No waiting in line – perfect!

The employees were all spectacular as well. The place was staffed quite heavily, and every associate we encountered was nice and helpful. I also noticed they rotate often, which is good so they don’t get bored/tired or cranky.

We dined in the cafe, and I’m not sure if it’s because the long drive there made me hungry, but the food was really good. We had more than enough left over so we got them to box up our leftovers to eat later. I also purchased a souvenir cup for $5.99, giving me unlimited drinks, including icees, FOR LIFE. Yes, you read correctly…FOR LIFE. I just had to remember to pack it for our next trip, which will be soon. I had a backpack with me so I stored everyone’s cups so we could drink throughout the night. Without a backpack, I would have probably taken the cups to the car to avoid having to hold onto them for hours.

The only thing I didn’t like is the amusement cards. I would have preferred maybe a bracelet to attach the card on (like what they give you at Chuck E. Cheese’s). I held onto everyone’s cards in my pocket, and they kept falling out. I tried to store them in the backpack, but it was a hassle to get them out repeatedly.

My family and I can’t wait to go back! Putt-Putt Fun House is having a Christmas in July special from July 16-July 20th. Buy one GOLD pass, get one Free. Gold passes include all-day unlimited attractions and a $10 play card at $35.

Adventure Kids Playcare Memorial – Grand Opening

akp go

I took the kiddos to Adventure Kids Playcare‘s Grand Opening today. I have heard of Adventure Kids; however, this was our first visit, and this location is the closest to our place. Upon arriving, I was given a very detailed and informative tour of the facility. I appreciate the time the employees took in showing me around and answering all of my questions.

Socks are not required, but shoes are not allowed. Parents can choose to enter barefoot, with socks only, OR they provide shoe covers.

For the grand opening, play time was free. I think normally it is $11/per hours (and $40 per family membership fee). It is designed as a drop off childcare service, but parents can stick around and relax in the parent’s lounge, which has wifi and a television. They offer the kids breakfast, lunch, and dinner for an additional $4. Parents select food choices from a menu or they are welcomed to send the kids with meals from home (no peanuts allowed).

There were plenty of employees around to supervise the kids, but I am not certain I would feel comfortable leaving my kids there. It was overly crowded to the point where I could barely navigate through the building. I couldn’t find my oldest son for about 15-20 minutes, and that put me in an extreme panic mode. The employees were very helpful, especially Tyriek, and we were able to find him hiding in the toddler room. I am not sure if because it was the grand opening and the food and activities were free, and that’s why it was so crowded? I’ll have to visit at another time and access. I’d imagine they have a maximum capacity.

The facility has a parent’s lounge, a birthday/events room, a separate area for toddlers, an area for babies, a pretend-play section, soft playscape, basketball game, air hockey, and a ping-pong table. They also have a kitchen where they prepare the meals and snacks.

akp playscape
I found the staff to be quite pleasant. The grand opening was wonderful. We arrived right at 1pm when the event started and stayed for a few hours. There were two face-painters, balloon animals, characters from Black Panther, an animal exhibit (although we didn’t stay long as the room got too hot and crowded, but my son got to hold a snake around his neck and also hold a tortoise), and lots of food (chicken, fish, pizza, hotdogs, burgers, salad, cookies, cotton candy, and MUCH more).

My kids really enjoyed themselves so I may add it to our “things to do around Houston” list. I could see myself having to finish up on work and taking them while I sit in the parent’s lounge with my laptop.

Krispy Kreme!!

Today was the grand opening of Krispy Kreme in Houston. Yes, before today there was no Houston location! RaShad and I set out early this morning to pick up a dozen, but we were definitely NOT prepared for the massive crowd. There were hundreds and hundreds of people and traffic like crazy! We were in the drive thru line for a little over 40 minutes. Was it worth it? 100%!! From the first bite, I knew I made the right decision. Pure bliss! 

 hot and free donuts 

Check out the line from around 6:15PM 

Still insane!!