You Won’t Get A $Dollar From Me

Since moving to Houston, I have encountered dozens and dozens of….beggars! Living in Mississippi for two decades, I never saw panhandlers (not to say they don’t exist).  It’s sad to see so many people struggling, and I consider myself to be a very kind, considerate person, but I do not give money to people on the street. I never have, and I never will. Here’s why:

I am not supporting a “habit”

I often wonder what these people are going to use the money for. Are they going to get high? Are they buying drugs or alcohol? You can never be sure…and it really raises an eyebrow when they have a cigarette in one hand. Is that where the money is going??

You’re a grown up

I don’t feel obligated to take care of another grown up. Sometimes I see signs that say “Need rent money.” It seems kind if harsh, but that is not my problem. You are a grown up. As a grown up, you have certain responsibilities. It is in no way my responsibility to help another grown up with rent. I am not rich. I have two kids and rent due on the 1st of the month. I could use rent money just as much as the next person!

A man that does not work does not eat

If you are not trying to better your circumstance by applying for jobs or offering some type of service (painting, mowing lawns, etc) to earn money, you don’t deserve to eat. Period. Those that can work, should.

Hungry & Homeless

No one should go without food in his tummy and a roof over his head. That being said, there is help. There are shelters everywhere. Some provide apartments, food, clothing medical/dental assistance, and even education/job skills. Things are in place to help those people get on their feet. Again, there is no way for me to know if they are taking advantage of these opportunities, so I assume they aren’t.

Of course, I feel sympathy whenever I see a dirty man sleeping beside a dumpster, but would I give him money…no. Food (if I had extra)? Yes! Clothes (if I have extra)? Yes! Maybe I am not as nice as I’d like to think I am. Maybe I’ve read one too many stories about people pretending to be homeless, but I am sticking by my views. For the people that donate their spare change, good for you. I am a good person; however, I will not be taken advantage of or made to feel I have a duty to help others. Maybe if I was a millionaire, I would stuff everyone’s cups with hundreds, but I’m not so until then…don’t hold you breath for a dollar from me.


Do We Rely too Much on the Internet?

Yesterday I read a disturbing story about a 14-year-old boy who was accidentally shot in his thigh by his friend, and instead of his mom, rushing him to the hospital, like most moms would, she went to WebMD to research “How to treat a gunshot wound”. To make matters worse, she waited SEVEN hours to drive him to the hospital! Of course, I was quick to judge her parental ability as well as her mental capacity then I was reminded of an incident that occurred almost two years ago.

When I first moved to Houston, I was cooking in my newly upgraded kitchen. As I ever so slightly pulled the pan out of the oven to check the food, I dropped the towel on the coil, and it started to burn. I quickly closed the oven door, grabbed my cellular, and googled “How to Put Out a Fire.” I was in a state of panic and was too nervous to read through the instructions but somehow I managed to skim through a result instructing me to pour flour over the flames. Silly me, I didn’t even think to use the fire extinguisher conveniently located in the kitchen…  🙂 Afterwards, I reflected on the incident and wondered why, after seeing my oven on fire, was my first instinct to go to the internet? (Of course, if I was a serious fire, I would have acted accordingly).

The Internet contains a vast amount of information, and has become a go-to for most problems/solutions as well as knowledge. A client once said to me, “I can pretty much learn anything I want on YouTube.” I know whenever I need to know something, I search for it. It’s quick and easy. In a life or death situation; however, I wouldn’t recommend it. The police are considering pressing charges against her, but they have yet to decide. Nevertheless, in an emergency situation, use you emergency resources (i.e. 911, hospital).