Bento for my Boys 9.30.15

RaShad’s lunch: ham & cheese kabob, orange slices, grapes, Cliff Organic Kid Bar, Annie’s organic cheddar crackers


Bento for my Boys 9.21.15

Breakfast for Lunch!  

RaShad’s lunch: mini pancakes, turkey sausage patty, maple syrup, banana muffin, strawberries

He also had frozen yogurt. 

Bento for my Boys 9.17.15

Yeah….still need to go grocery shopping 🙂

RaShad’s lunch: grilled cheese roll-ups w/ pizza sauce for dipping, chez mix, mini cupcake, fruit cup, Apple&Eve organic fruit punch

I received the TastyKake mini cupcakes in exchange for my honest opinion. While I’m not a fan of sweets, the kiddos sure enjoyed them! The box came with 8 individually wrapped packages of 3 mini cupcakes. Although the serving size is 3 minis, I give the kids one each. They are the perfect size.

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