Boo to You!

I typically don’t make cute bentos for lunch on the weekend, but I couldn’t resist!

Ham & cheese ghost sandwiches, 1/2 Zone Perfect Chocolate Caramel Cluster Nutrition Bar, carrots+ranch dressing, Horizon organic milk

I got four Halloween themed cookie cutters from Michael’s for $2.25. Woot woot. For some reason their Halloween stuff is 25% off plus I had a 40% off coupon :)) 

We also got a ton of Halloween decorations because RaShad requested we make the house “spooky.”

We also got an easy Halloween craft from the dollar spot at Target. These cute little wood pumpkins came with paint & a small brush. Such a steal at $1 each! Can you guess which painting belongs to who??


Tomorrow’s lunch: ham & cheese pumpkin sandwich (I tried sooo hard to tint the bread orange, but it still looks a little red :/), cheddar crackers, yellow and orange marshmallows + m&ms for color, tangerine, Cliff Organic Kid’s Bar. They will have Mots for Tots apple juice to drink. 

Painted Toast!

Today I had the day off so I was able to enjoy breakfast with the kids.  I wanted to do something fun with them so they made painted toast. I woke up before them (almost never happens) and quietly went downstairs to set everything up. Jayden and RaShad were really excited to be able to “paint” their food. 

  To make the paint, I used 1-2 drops of food coloring and about 2 tablespoons of milk. These plastic dipping cups worked perfectly. 

Once they were done painting, I popped them in the toaster and served with oatmeal. Jayden was very antsy so he didn’t paint much. He just wanted to eat.   


Day Trip to Splashtown

This year I opted to buy season tickets to Splashtown and oh what a great investment it was! Thursday was the first time we have been this season, but we will be certain to get as much use out of them as possible. The kids had an amazing time!

The last time we went to Splashtown, we spent around $180 (ouch!). This year, I was much more prepared. 

 Tips to save time, money & headaches:

Buy season tickets! We paid $70/each and can visit as much as we want this season. Single visits are $40 for adults & $31 for kids–not to mention the $10 for parking (season ticket holders get free parking). If you go two times, you might as well get season passes. Plus there are other perks like coupons and guest tickets.

Bring 3 ziplock bags–one for your cell phone, one for money+keys+etc, and a large one to hold wet clothes. 

Dress kids in their swimsuits. When we arrived, we were all dressed and ready to enter. The only thing we needed to do was put on sunscreen.   Go early. My goal was to be there at 11am to avoid crowds, but we didn’t make it until around noon. This was perfect for us because there was absolutely no lines! There were no lines to pick up our season passes and no lines for the rides. Plus, we got a parking spot right near the entrance. Oh yeah! It also helped that we went on a Thursday. I assume most kids still had school and parents were working. 

Eat lunch before arriving. Lunch at any theme park can get quite expensive and isn’t worth it. 

Pack light. The only thing in my tote was a towel, a cup for Jayden, and two bags (one for money and other for phone). That’s all you really need. Everything else can be left in the car. 

Buy the souvenir cup. Yes, it’s $11.99 BUT you get free refills on the day of purchase and .99 refills all season long. I bought one cup and we all shared 🙂

*We will keep it in the trunk so we don’t forget or misplace it. 

 Pack a snack bag to eat on the way home. After splashing around for 3 hours, I knew the kids would be hungry so I packed each one a labeled sandwich sized ziplock bag with their names (RaShad loves seeing his name lol) and filled them with snacks. They each had a juice box, crackers and a fruit snack. *When we went to buy the cup, Jayden spotted cookies and had to have one so I gave in a bought one cookie for $3 ugh!

When we left, I changed the kids into dry clothes and placed the wet suits in a ziplock bag and gave them their snacks. They sat quietly in the backseat for the entire ride home :))