Oh, the Joys of Motherhood

Here’s how my morning went: I awaken promptly at 5:30am and made breakfast, as usual. Shortly afterwards, my ears danced to Jayden’s angelic, playful laughter 🙂 He was awake but not fussy so I continued my morning routine. Twenty minutes later, giggles turned into cries so I went to get him out of his crib. He smiled a sweet smile that could instantly cure any heartache. He melts my heart; I smiled back. I gave him a hug and we walked to my bedroom. Along the way, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and noticed fresh, brown stains on my shirt. Confused, I looked around and discovered a trail of tiny brown footprints. Upon closer examination, I realized Jayden’s feet were almost buried in poop, and he was no longer wearing a diaper. I screamed in absolute disgust! This scared Jayden. He ran and jumped on my bed, painting white sheets dark brown. The commotion awoke RaShad. He went to see what was going on but slipped on the trail along the way. I was speechless. Two kids covered in poop! Oh the joys of motherhood! I immediately placed them in the bathtub and broke out the cleaning supplies to scrub my bathroom floor. I changed his sheets and mine as well. I tracked down the dirty diaper for disposal. I carefully cleaned toe nails to remove any evidence. Almost a half hour later, I felt clean once again…only to get to work and have someone ask “what’s that on your neck?”

 I died a little.