Bento for my Boys 10.29.15

Tomorrow’s Bento:

Zig Zag monster ham & cheese sandwich, apple slices, mini marshmallows+candy corn snack mix, Horizon organic chocolate milk


Boo to You!

I typically don’t make cute bentos for lunch on the weekend, but I couldn’t resist!

Ham & cheese ghost sandwiches, 1/2 Zone Perfect Chocolate Caramel Cluster Nutrition Bar, carrots+ranch dressing, Horizon organic milk

I got four Halloween themed cookie cutters from Michael’s for $2.25. Woot woot. For some reason their Halloween stuff is 25% off plus I had a 40% off coupon :)) 

We also got a ton of Halloween decorations because RaShad requested we make the house “spooky.”

We also got an easy Halloween craft from the dollar spot at Target. These cute little wood pumpkins came with paint & a small brush. Such a steal at $1 each! Can you guess which painting belongs to who??


Tomorrow’s lunch: ham & cheese pumpkin sandwich (I tried sooo hard to tint the bread orange, but it still looks a little red :/), cheddar crackers, yellow and orange marshmallows + m&ms for color, tangerine, Cliff Organic Kid’s Bar. They will have Mots for Tots apple juice to drink. 

Halloween 2013

Halloween is one of the only times I will let my little one have candy. We took the kids trick or treating in the Briargrove area of Houston. They had a blast! Of course, Shad Bod loves anything involving sweets :). He was Spiderman while Jayden Baby was a pumpkin. Afterwards, we finished the night with our very own Halloween Party (with a dipping donut FAIL). Fun times! Now, I have to hide all of this candy.