April Date Night

I firmly believe in birthday celebrations. Your birthday isn’t “just another day.” It’s “your” day–the one day out of every year that you call the shots! One would think this day is anxiously awaited, but not everyone shares the same excitement.

Tomorrow is Tony’s birthday. Because we both work, we celebrated early. I had to practically beg him to celebrate! Saturday night, we went to Slick Willie’s for pool+drinks, followed by dinner at Champps. This was my first time ever playing pool. Of course, I lost both games, but it was nice to get out and do something different. Our waitress was amazing! She even introduced me to my new favorite drink: Bend Over Barbie. LOVE! This was also our first time away from Jayden. We were both hesitant at first, but we decided we needed a night out. We are always doing family things and never get alone time. My friend watched the kids, and I was 100% confident they were in the best hands. RaShad had a blast playing with her daughters! With the Children’s Festival and a night of playing with the girls, I’d say he had just as much of an amazing Saturday as we did.

That was our first date since 2008!!!! We vowed to go on at least one date per month. I wonder where he’ll take me in May…

Oh and he found the present I got him and opened it! Really??!! He just could not wait! He is the only person i know that does not like surprises. Tonight, RaShad and I are going to make him cupcakes to go along with the Oreo ice cream cake I made. Yum! Knowing him, he will discover them when he gets off work tonight and eat them all 🙂