Bento for my Boys 9.14.15

RaShad’s lunch: pb&j strawberry kabobs (using Starbucks drink stoppers), whole wheat crackers, orange slices, chocolate pudding w/ sprinkles

I’ll probably grab a muffin out of the freezer in the morning for his snack.

For my first ever attempt at pudding, I think it turned out nicely. The kids tried it this weekend and loved it! I’ll use smaller strawberries for the kabobs next time.

Jayden’s lunch: popcorn chicken w/ honey mustard for dipping, Cliff Kid organic bar, apple slices w/ Nutella for dipping, Apple & Eve Organic Fruit Punch

Nutella Mini Pancake Kabobs

Lately I’ve been going through my Pinterest boards and organizing all of the recipes I’ve pinned into a recipe notebook (OneNote is wonderful for organization). More often that not, I pin things then never look at them again.

This morning, RaShad and I made Nutella mini pancake kabobs. RaShad loves helping out in the kitchen. He also said they tasted very “yummy”–Jayden, not so much! My Jayden Baby wouldn’t even try lol.

I don’t allow the kids to have syrup so adding the Nutella is a great alternative. We typically use peanut butter or Nutella (seldom). Oh & I used stirrers from Starbucks. They are perfect for making kabobs, and I like that they’re plastic instead of wood.